Shipping and moving to Benin

By perfecting our skills in Shipping, we believe in ensuring that our operations meet the global safety standards in the industry. With our excellent service you can trust that our efficiency is consistent over and over again. Should you decide to use our Shipping services we guarantee you will receive a smooth and efficient Shipping service to Benin Cotonou.

We are by far the most organized, time conscious ,customer friendly  car Shipping company you will find in the industry and our past client feedback reflect the same. We also have a 24/7 dedicated team ready to deal with any queries concerning Shipping.

At the port there is a dedicated team ensuring all goods entering the ship have been heavily inspected and are all legal. This will help when you transport your car & goods to Cotonou with us , because your goods will be in a safe environment. Your car and goods will not be affected by other goods that are being shipped using the same vessel.

We have an extensive network of dedicated agents and partners on the ground in Benin to assist you with any pressing issues or concerns you may have such as clearance and any other paperwork at the port of Benin.

Kindly note that the Containers can be delivered to customers registered address to load the goods. Customers can also bring their goods to Felixstowe port or Tilbury.

Benin (Cotonou)

Vehicle Type Saloon 4X4 (Dims to be Verified)
RORO Price £410 ¬£650


Performance Redefined

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