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If interested in car Shipping to Cameroon, there are several ports to which a car be shipped as the country lies along the western coast of the continent. These ports include Doula, which is the major one, Garoua, Bamenda, Bafoussam and Yaounde. Below is examples of both saloon and 4x4 rates however these may change when you proceed to ship so please double check the rates before booking.

Anon can assist in the export of cars to Cameroon from the UK. Cars can be shipped on RORO or in a secure Container.

RORO service involves the import of cars, Lorries, Trucks, and Trailers into Cameroon by simply driving them into the ship. The vehicles are driven into a ferry and strapped securely to avoid any damage.

Container Shipping involves the Shipping to Cameroon of cars in secure steel 20 & 40 ft Containers. You will be required to deliver to our warehouse in Felixstowe or Tilbury ports for loading into the Container.

Taxes and duties also need to be paid on cars shipped to Cameroon. If the address to which the car will be shipped is a permanent one, then there is an option that no tax or duty will be charged. Otherwise, taxes and duties are required and depend upon the age of the car being shipped. Please enquire with the Cameroon customs on the following link:


Vehicle Type Saloon 4X4 (Dims to be Verified)
RORO Price £460 £715


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