Anon Shipping Has the ability to offer a variety of shipping services alongside offering the most innovative and informative information in the forwarding industry. We have been established several years and have both the experiance and rates to offer you the most efficent, smooth shipping process possible.


Anon ships a variety of vehicles on a RORO service. This can include saloons, 4x4, vans and even trucks. This allows for you to make the most out of your money.

Roll on/roll off, or RORO as it is commonly known, is a cheaper and more efficent way of shipping goods.

RORO services allow for your vehicle to have a shorter transit time due to the reduced work loaded needed for containers also we offer collection and delivery services to allow for your shipment to be smooth sailing.

There is a constant chain of vessels leaving the UK to sail worldwide we offer these in general every 2 weeks.

roro ship

We currently ship to the following South Pacific ports:

American Samoa, Chuuk, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Kosrae, Melanesia & Micronesia including – Yap, New Caledonia, Northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Pohnpei, Samoa, Solomon  Islands, Tahiti, Tasmania, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis & Fortun,

Private Container Shipping

We understand RORO is not practical for all vehicles. If this is the case we can offer shipping in a 20, 40 or 40ft Hc containers. This allows for both safety and peace of mind.cThis does however rake a little bit longer and cost more.

There are several advantages to container shipping however the main is safety. Containers ensure that nothing changes whilst you are away from your goods. Containers are sealed infront of you if delivered or at the port if not and will not be opened until once the goods have arrived at the port.

In addition to the shipping of vehicle containers are used to ship personal items when migrating over to anothother country. We can arrange for the container to be delivered to anywhere in mainland UK and usually will allow for 3 hours loading time.

container shipping

When the Container reaches the international destination you will be advised to come and open the Container and collect your goods. Due to the element of safety involved in this method of Shipping, it is understandable that it is slightly more expensive since you are paying for the whole Container. However, you will have the knowledge that your vehicle will reach it's destination in the same state as it was when it left the UK.

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