Anon international has noticed the increased economic value of the Middle East and the forever improving cities. We know that that most of the Middle East have a good work ethic. We have taken this information and utilised it to make sure that we are enabling the cheapest rates to help extend its shipping abilities further.


With frequent shipments to some of the more popular destinations such as Jebel Ali, Doha, Abu Dhabi this then allows for more workers to migrate at a cheaper cost helping the economic status of the country.

Roll on/roll off, or RORO is more popular for everyday vehicles in which customers are looking to ship cheaply. This is faster than a container as well as being easier on the wallet.

We can offer multiple vehicle collection and a range of additional services including insurance to allow your shipping experience to be less hassle. We have been shipping vehicles for numerous years allowing for us to be one of the most experienced of our kind.

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We currently ship to Abu Dhabi, Aqaba, Bahrain, Chennai, Dammam, Doha, Jebel Ali, Jeddah, Kuwait, Mumbai and Port Sultan Qaboos.

Private Container Shipping

We understand that not all vehicles are suited for RORO. For this we can offer 20ft containers. We can offer a variety of services including collection and also loading into the container at the port.

If migrating it is possible that you would want to ship both your personal goods and your vehicle. We have made this possible by having the ability to lower the container to the floor.

There is no more port runs or worrying about how to lift your vehicle. We can offer to come lower the container for 1 hour inclusive. If needed additional hours’ time can be acquired. If you believe it needs to be there for several days we can allow for the container to be lowered and left for up to 2 weeks.

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"Hi just want to say thank you for your professional service. my bmw has arrived in ghana in one piece."

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