Car Shipping to South Africa

Anon shipping deals with huge volumes of shipping to The Port of Durban in South Africa. Durban is the busiest port in South Africa. The port is now the country’s largest commercial and manufacturing centre.

Our company offers car shipping to South Africa through container services that come with great advantages. One avoids expensive crane equipment because mobile cranes are employed to handle the containers onsite. The container side lifters can handle loaded containers more efficiently. Containers can be loaded and off loaded in a few hours compared to days in traditional cargo vessel thus saving time. It cuts labour costs saving us time and money so that we are able to offer very affordable rates for car shipping to South Africa.

If you are looking for a cheaper method for car shipping to South Africa, then the Roll on roll off shipping service is what you are looking for. This method involves driving your car up a ramp into a specific area of the ship’s hold and then driving it off again on arrival in South Africa. Risks are minimal from lifting or craning when using this method of car shipping to South Africa.  During transit your vehicle will be strapped down and secured to prevent movement.

We transport vehicles and other items domestically from your house to the port of shipping e.g. Felixstowe or Sheerness ports. We will take care of all documentation including organizing UK customs clearance and DVLA de-registration. Our dedicated team will book safe shipping space for you until departure. Please contact us for full list of car export services that we offer. Documents will be forwarded to you shortly after vehicle has been exported to enable you to clear your vehicle in South Africa.

We are well informed and are up to date about requirements needed by the South African government when it comes to its import and export procedures and customer clearance charges. This will make it easier for the customers to know the required documents needed before shipping. On the ground we have a vast network of dedicated agents and partners to assist you with any pressing issues or concerns you may have such as customs clearance and any other paperwork at the port of Durban

South Africa (Durban)

Vehicle Type Saloon 4X4 (Dims to be Verified)
RORO Price £645 £725


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