As an international Truck Shipping company we offer three different ways of Truck Shipping overseas for our esteemed customers. These 3 different ways are

  1. Roll on and Roll off - RORO
  2. Private Container.
  3. Shared Container

Secure Container Accommodation and Storage

Container Shipping is made up of a number of different options. The options include 20 ft or 40 ft Container vessels, with only your vehicle(s) in the Container, to various ports worldwide. Your Truck is usually straped in to secure it against movement within the Container . At an extra cost , you may also be able to load other personal items into the Container- subject to approval by the Shipping lines ofcourse. We also have frequent shared Container services to all countries including:

Dominica, Morocco, Brazil, Liberia ,Hong Kong, Cameroon, Jamaica, Malta, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, New Zealand, Pakistan , Kenya, Norfolk Island (Australia), South Africa, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago and Uganda. and many more

Roll On Roll Off (RORO)

These are purpose-built Truck vessels used by manufacturers to deliver brand new / second hand vehicles around the world. Trucks are protected from the elements in enclosed Truck decks and are secured by straps and chocks. Ro-Ro method of Shipping can be a useful money saving way of Shipping as cost is based on the amount of space the vehicle takes on the ship i.e a saloon vehicle will cost less than a 4x4 or a small mini van.RORO ships sail on a weekly basis and the transit time is sometimes longer than for Container vessels. Our Roll on Roll off vessels, are specifically built to offer the maximum protection to your vehicle. The vehicle is Carefully driven onto the vessel by trained staff and is properly secured for the duration of the voyage and then driven off at its final destination.

We also have frequent RORO services to all countries including Abidjan, Benin, Guinea, Ghana, Gabon,Togo, Angola, Senegal, Islands (US & UK), Zambia and Beitbridge and Harare and many moreSierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo (Pointe noire), Gambia, Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Botswana, Brunei, Cyprus and the Cook islands.

Performance Redefined

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