America and Canada are one of the world largest importers. Due to their huge scheme it is vital that we have the best rates. Not only can we deliver to the port we can offer container to be delivered to anywhere in America and Canada. This is the COMPLETE Package.


Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) Vessels are known to carry Cars, Trucks, Lorries and Trailers. As the name explains it is simply drove on and drove off. This means that the vehicle is secure on the vessel and is the cheapest way of shipping.

RoRo is cheaper than containers due to less space being used and less equipment needed. This means that there is no need for goods to be lifted and transported over a long period of time as it can simply be moved.

Also due to the lack of equipment needed this means the price is reduced. This is also helped by the decrease in weight and co2 emissions.

roro ship

We currently ship to the whole of America and the goods can be collected or loaded in mainland UK. This enables for the shipment to be a breeze.

Private Container Shipping

Containers however are more effective for personal goods as well as multiple vehicles. We can ship 3 vehicles in a 40ft container and arrange for the loading. Also we are able to arrange delivery to any mainland UK area.

Both 20ft and 40ft container are able to keep your goods both safe and secure. One of the main advantages is its ability to protect the vehicles from the elements and sea water.
We are able to offer containers to America for a low cost due to its high import rate. We offer a range of shipping destinations within Canada also.

container shipping

Some of the more popular destinations we are asked to ship to are:
Baltimore, New York, Washington, Texas Miami, Mississippi, Las Vegas and Florida.

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"Hi just want to say thank you for your professional service. my bmw has arrived in ghana in one piece."

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