Car Shipping to Tanzania

Anon Services deals with huge volumes of shipments to The Port of Dar es salaam in Tanzania. Dar es salaam is Tanzania's largest commercial port, receiving approximately 3000 vessel calls each year and handling about 5 million tonnes of cargo.

We have extensive knowledge that can streamline the whole process, reducing paperwork, hassle and cost to you. We have the best Shipping rates for car Shipping to Tanzania and typical rates ranges from £700 - £900 for cars & 4x4’s. With a vast network of international contracts and Shipping agents, we can assure you that your vehicle will be shipped in a timely manner.

Having one of the best trained workforces in the industry our employees are highly qualified and certified when it comes to car Shipping to Tanzania. The company is trustworthy and it has all legal documents required in Shipping.

Communication is done best through the telephone or preferred email address. A highly trained team will help and explain everything in detail to ensure that you are fully aware of what is involved in car Shipping to Tanzania.

It takes up to 28 days to ship your car from UK to Dar es Salaam, and we ship from major UK ports like Tilbury, Sheerness, and Immingham.

The documents needed for car Shipping to Tanzania are:
-Original bill of lading (we will provide this)
-Vehicle Registration papers.
-Purchase Invoice.
- Jevic Inspection –Subject to confirmation

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