Car Shipping to Namibia

Anon deals with huge volumes of shipments to The Port of Walvis bay, which has now become principle port of Namibia. We offer regular Car Shipping to Namibia from Sheerness port in Kent and Immingham in the north of England. Below is examples of both saloon and 4x4 rates however these may change when you proceed to ship so please double check the rates before booking.

Car Shipping Methods:

The main Shipping methods used by our company for car Shipping to Namibia is through Roll on Roll off and Container Shipping. Roll on Roll off are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, lorries and tractors. These vehicles are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels/tracks. The Container services we offer includes 20ft Container which will carry one vehicle with space for some personal goods, and 40ft Containers for two cars.

Our Company communicates best through telephone or email.  We have extensive knowledge that can streamline the whole process, reducing paperwork. We can arrange the whole Shipping process by email or telephone meaning that you do not have to visit our office to make a booking can do if you wish to do so.

If considering car Shipping to Namibia, you will be required to deliver the vehicle to the port, but we also offer collection of vehicles from the clients address and deliver them straight to the port.

Containers can also be delivered to our customers for loading of goods or cars. Pre shipment inspection and marine insurance is provided if required.  A bill of lading is provided after the ship has docked in Namibia and this acts as your proof of ownership of the goods. It is one of the most important documents needed and our staff will take you through the whole process carefully. Full customs clearance procedures and all documents needed to ship the goods from UK are fully explained to you by our staff prior to shipment.

Customers are briefed on the status of their goods before and during transportation. Therefore there is an open forum between the client and the personnel at all times. Clear communication ensures things are OK and there is no doubt in loosing ones goods. The goods can be tracked online at all times therefore their whereabouts are known throughout their journey. ┬áThis ensures that our client are able to organize a timely collection of their goods once they have arrived in Namibia 

We have perfected our skills in Shipping, we believe in ensuring that our operations meet the global safety standards in the industry. With our excellent service you can trust that our service is consistent throughout.

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