Anon Services has a wide range of shipping options to the Caribbean. There are a high number of people who wish to migrate due to the hot weather, blue seas and beautiful beaches. We therefore try to make that dream a reality.


Due to the nature of RORO we can only offer it to some of the major ports in the Caribbean. Please get in touch with us to see what services we can offer as we are constantly working to add more.

Private Container Shipping


We are able to offer both 20 and 40ft Containers to The Caribbean. we also have a variety of services such as loading, collection, dropping to the floor and even dropping and collecting the container.

We would mainly be shipping out of Southampton or Portsmouth. This allows for the transit time to be decreased as the vessel has less distance to sail.

container shipping

We are able to offer all off the following destinations and more:

Degrad des Cannes, Fort de France, Georgetown-Guyana, Havana, Kingston, Nassau, Paramaribo, Point a Pitre, Port of Spain, Puerto Cabello, Rio Haina and Veracruz.

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