Shipping Cars to Malta

Anon ships huge volumes of cars and goods to the port of Valletta. The Valletta peninsula has two natural harbours, Marsamxett and Grand harbour. The Grand Harbour is Malta major port.

Container and RORO for shipping cars to Malta
Cargo that once was shipped in cartons, Bales, crates or bags now come in sealed steelcontainers, It has resulted in a revolution as cargo is now delivered intact as there is no human contact and therefore less chance that goods are tampered with. Your car or goods in the container will be in perfect condition until you finally break the seal to open the container.

Our Roll on roll off services for shipping cars to Malta is at your advantage because the lashing and securing of your car is done in a similar way to a container. The vehicle is secured properly to avoid shifting back and forth during transit.

We are well informed and are up to date about requirements needed by the Maltese government when it comes to its import and export procedures and customs clearance charges. This will make it easier for the customers to know the required documents needed before shipping. On the ground we have a vast network of dedicated agents and partners to assist you with any pressing issues or concerns you may have such as clearance and any other paperwork at the port of Malta.

The ports used for shipping cars to Malta are well secured and have fire fighting equipment. All ships that transport the cars are heavily secured. Cars and goods entering the ships are all inspected and are verified before export to meet shipping standards.

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