Shipping and moving to Ghana?

Tema is Ghana's largest Seaport and Is where majority of the countries import and export activities take place. Anon is in the centre of this activity by providing reliable shipping services to and from Tema in Ghana.

We focus more on customer’s service and efficiency than profit. Some companies, especially those paid on commission forget the bigger picture focusing on volumes instead of quality. For us to keep and maintain a customer is more important than to close a sale. It costs more to us to find new customers so we rather do our best to keep existing customers. The few customers, who have felt our charismatic ambiance through shipping, have maintained their contact and stayed loyal to us as we to them.

At Anon, any mistakes are followed through immediately and rectified. If circumstances change, the customer is kept in the loop. Repairs, call-backs, and emails are handled with a sense of urgency. The clients get immediate resolution. Our business has improved by 90% due to repeat business as a result of resolving complaints effectively 

Kindly not that the containers can be delivered to customers registered address to load the goods. Customers can also bring their goods to Felixstowe port or Southampton.

Ghana (Tema or Takoradi)

Vehicle Type Saloon 4X4 (Dims to be Verified)
RORO Price £430 £570


Performance redefined

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