Shared Container Service (LCL) to Buenos Aires (Argentina)

International shipping is always a worrisome task for many. There are so many things that could go wrong such as misplacement of the goods, damage to the goods and so on. Therefore, it is essential that you hire a reputable shipping company such as ours to ensure your goods arrive safely in Buenos Aires.

Anon Service can assist you in shipping your goods in secure shared containers to Buenos Aires. Your goods will be collected from your home address and securely loaded inside the container by our trained loading staff. This will ensure efficient use of the limited space available in the container and in turn, reducing the amount you have to pay for the service.

Shared containers for personal effects & furniture

Anon Service can arrange the safe shipment of your household and personal goods in the shared container to ensure that you pay the least amount of shipping cost as possible. Our rates for the shared container are determined solely by how much space you take up in the container. Our loading guys will therefore do their best to utilize your space in the container and thus ensuring your share of hiring the container is as low as possible.

Shared container for Commercial goods

For business wishing to transport commercial goods to Buenos Aires, we can also arrange shipping in our shared container. You will be asked to deliver the goods to any of our depots in the UK or alternatively, we will collect the goods from your warehouse or offices. The goods will then be loaded in a container together with goods belonging to other companies. The cost that you pay for shipping your goods in this way is totally dependent on how much space you goods occupy in the container.
Apart from shipping the goods, we also arrange customs clearance in the UK, documentation, port security and safe loading of your goods into the container.

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