LCL shipping to Bulawayo Zimbawe

If you are looking for the best and reliable shared container shipping service to Bulawayo, then you have come to the right place. We offer reliable and efficient consolidated shipping service from the UK to Bulawayo. The Shared container service is ideal for clients who do not have enough goods to fill up a container and it would be more expensive to ship the goods via air freight.

LCL-Shared container for Commercial goods

Commercial products such as raw materials, spare parts, plants and machinery can be shipped efficiently in our shared container service (LCL) to Bulawayo Zimbabwe.  We offer a door to port service to which means that we will collect the goods from your warehouse or office address and ship to Bulawayo. However, clients can also opt for our port to port service and deliver the goods themselves to any of our depots in the UK.

LCL- Shared container for Personal effects

Personal effects such as clothes, utensils and large furniture can all be shipped to Bulawayo in our shared container to avoid the high cost of hiring a whole container. This method of consolidated shipping is far cheaper than the air freight service for personal effects.
We currently offer door to port services for personal effects so goods will be collected directly from your house and delivered to Bulawayo ready for you to collect. Alternatively, we can also offer port to port service but you will need to deliver to either of our depots in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Southampton.

LCL- Shared container for Cars and Tractors

Cars and tractors can also be shipped in our LCL/Shared container service. We can arrange collection of your vehicle from any address in the UK and deliver to our depot for loading into the container. Once loaded, we will transport the vehicle to Bulawayo. This method of shipping is cheaper than other methods and also provides the added security for your vehicle.

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