Car Shipping to Zimbabwe

Anon Services deals with huge volumes of shipments to Beitbridge, Zimbabwe Border. The vehicles are shipped to Durban in a Container or RORO ferry, cleared, then transported to Beitbridge or Harare on a trailer for an additional £500 or Plumtree for an additonal £300.

We have selected a reliable company in Durban whom we have worked with for years and are very efficient when it comes to the handling of your vehicle in Durban before delivering it to you safely in Beitbridge.

There is also a special team in the UK that has been assigned to immediately respond any telephone or email contact relating to car Shipping to Zimbabwe. They will carefully explain the procedures needed to be undertaken before Shipping any car or goods to Zimbabwe.

We have extensive knowledge in car Shipping to Zimbabwe and can therefore smooth-en the whole process, reducing needless paperwork, hassle and cost to you. With a vast network of international contracts and Shipping agents, we are confident that we can offer you the best experience for Car Shipping to Zimbabwe.

We are well informed and are up to date with all the requirements needed by the Zimbabwean   government when it comes to its import and export regulation and customer clearance charges. This will make it easier for our customers to know the required documents needed before arranging car Shipping to Zimbabwe.

The requirements needed to ship a car to Zimbabwe
-Original bill of lading (We will supply this document)
-Vehicle Registration papers.
-Purchase Invoice/Shipping invoice

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