Shipping to Canada

Anon can assist in the export of Personal Goods to Canada from the UK. Containers are a secure and reliable way of Shipping your goods with the ability to store a variety of goods safely.

We offer a variety of Containers main 3 are:



40ft HC

Container Shipping involves the Shipping to Canada from a variety of ports around the UK. We can arrange the collection and loading of vehicles if needed or the delivery of the Container itself. We can also offer a variety of services and prices dependant on the individual shippers needs. our services include

Lowering the Container for a short period of time

Dropping a Container off and then collecting when customer is ready

Collection of cars and loading into the Container professionally

Professionally loading personal effects

Additional time available on request.

Ability to purchase the Container (only available when bought before Shipping)

delivery of the Container to any mainland UK address

We can also offer a variety of Containers such as:




45ft Containers


Performance Redefined

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