Shipping to Tema, Ghana

Tema is a huge importer of vehicles. We have a weekly container service and a fortnightly RORO service. The container service has a variety of uses and can be make to suit a number of different shipments.

As mentioned Tema imports a high volume of vehicle therefore we can offer a shipping service in which the container holds 3 vehicles. The vehicles can etiher be delivered or collected from your address, We will then receive them in to one of our depots and pull the container from the port. Once this has been done we will proffesionally load the vehicles and secure them down to minimise the risk of movement. Alternitively this can be done for a 20ft and just one vehicle or a 40 ft for 2-3 vehicles.

When loading personal effects we will deliver the vehicle to your UK Address and this will allow for the container to be situated there for 3 hours whilst you load. Once loading is complete you will then see the container get sealed and also receve some paperwork confirming shipment details.

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