Shipping to Limassol, Cyprus

Anon has been a strong market leading for a number of years and uses innovative shipping techniques. Anon Services is able to ship a variety of goods from the UK over to Cyprus, Our rates are inclusive of all  UK costs so there is no hidden charges. We can cover the shipping of both RORO services and containers.


Saloon, 4x4 and high and heavy goods are no issue when sending over to Limassol. We have weekly shipments exiting Southampton for cheap rates not only making us the most efficient on the market but also the cheapest. This allows for you to relax and not worry about the possible complications of shipping. This weekly shipment is a mere 14 days transit.

We can also offer a selection of containers. Most commonly selected are :20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC. This also sails on a weekly basis however the transit time is increased. However the safety of your goods also increases. There are many uses for containers such as moving personal and commercial goods. Sending 1 car safely or sending 2-3 cars more efficiently and cheaper.


Performance Redefined

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