Shipping to Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa is one of the Largest import destinations in Africa. This is due to the vast amount of vehicles that get imported. Also a huge number of customers are looking to migrate to Kenya which allows for a higher number of containers to be sent.

One advantage of Mombasa's popularity is the logistical costs decrease. We are able to offer very cheap 20 and 40 ft rates to Mombasa, As well as this loading, collecting and delivering are all additional services we can offer.

20ft containers are more commonly used for shipping personal goods or 1 vehicle. 40fts are most commonly used for both goods and a vehicle or several vehicles. If you look to ship goods and a vehicle you may have an issue with alot of our competitors as usually containers get deliverered 1-1.5 M from the floor however we can drop them to the floor for easier loading. This means your struggle for the shipment is reduced.

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