Shared Container to Australasia

Australasia is a high importer of high value goods, Because of this it means LCL is an important option when shipping overseas. We use LCL for both vehicles and personal effects as well and commercial goods.

We offer a weekly shipping service and it is a simple procedure to get the shipment underway. All we need is to know both the CBM (calculated by multiplying the length, width and height) and the weight.

Once a price is agreed we will then proceed to give you the booking form to complete. This consists of personal information needed to finalise the booking. When completed we will then require a deposit to make sure we can reserve you space on the vessel.

Finally your goods are delivered into the depot and loaded onto the vessel allowing for the good to be transported, after one week from sailing we will need to send out a draft bol for approval and then require the rest of the deposit. Once all is complete the vehicle will arrive and the BOL will be released.

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