Shared Container to America and Canada

Shared container shipping is a healthy way to minimilise costs yet get the full advantage of a container. This is commonly used for furniture and personal effects. This allows for goods to be moved in a timely fashion yet maintaining the safety and quality of your shipment.

The whole process is straight forward. We just need to know how much space the container will be taking up, Once this has been done we can give you a price for the shipping, As an additional service we can collect from your address however there are a selection of deposts all over the UK to make the process as simple as possible.

We then need to retain a deposit to secure yout place alongside a completed booking form. This is just to allow us to know who you are and who the goods are being sent to.

Finally you have until 7 from the vessel leaving the uk to make thye rest of the payment. This is when the draft BOL will be sent over to your email address this allows for you to verify if the details are correct allowing for you toi make any amendments before the manifest closes. Once confirmed we will send the orginals out to you. We delivveer within the UK free of charge or send via DHL for an additional £60.

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America/ Canada

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