Shared Container To South America

As the strength of the economy rises within the southern america area so does the ability to ship. Also there are some of the most desired places to migrate to for british citisens outside of the EU allowing for us to seal cheap rates and fantastic services.

We simply use the information you give us to work out the cost of your shipment. Once this has been done we will work through the quote to tailor it to your needs adding any additional services i.e. insurance, collection ect.

We will need a booking form to be completed alongside a deposit, this enables us to book the goods in. We will then either deliver or issue the delivery address, Once the vessel sails we will then issue a draft BOL for you to confirm and the rest of the payment will be collected. Once improved we will send the originals out in due course.

We also offer services to


America/ Canada

South America




Performance Redefined

  • shipping to Cameroon
  • shipping to nigeria
  • shipping to Ghana


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